Misc. English Newspapers 9-22-1977 Women Terrorists Groups Flourish In Germany (AP)

This Associated Press article appeared in the Spartanburg Herald-Journal on September 25, 1977, just as West Germany was descending into the horror of the “German Autumn”.

The article is a general news analysis detailing how German terror groups were so heavily populated by women. It’s almost a curio-timepiece: the conclusions are often so hyperbolic and overwrought. We learn that the presence of women in terrorist groups is the “dark side of women’s liberation” and that the universities are also clearly to blame as well.

While much of the article does try to offer some kind of flavorful balance, it feels very much an article directed towards an older generation to confirm their suspicions about all of the “changes” that have gone on in society

PDF: Women terrorist Groups Flourish in Germany