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1998 – Produced by ITN Factual for History International.

“The Baader-Meinhof Gang” is a one hour special created for History Channel International in 2007 as part of their “International Profile” series. The film benefits immensely for interview with former Baader-Meinhof Gang member Astrid Proll, family members of former terrorists, site creator Richard Huffman (me!), and especially Baader-Meinhof biographer Stefan Aust. Clearly the producers had a very limited budget for acquiring footage, but this is balanced by the outstanding and accurate interviews.

Being part of the process of making this show, I was especially impressed at the care the producers and director took to ensure that every statement made was accurate and honest. I was regularly consulted throughout the editing process on the smallest details; a real eye-opening experience for me which left me impressed. The main History Channel may have thrown history aside for Ice Road Truckers and Pawn Stars, but their sister channel clearly is still doing their best to present accurate, interesting history (albeit on a tiny budget).

If you looks close, you will notice that I am constantly on the verge of being drenched in sweat; it turns out that the air conditioner of the bed and breakfast where the interview was shot was as loud as an F15 fighter jet at 10 paces. The interview was conducted in fits and starts: we would turn the AC on full blast for 10 minutes; then turn it off and try to get as much interviewing done before Niagara Fall began unleashing across my brow… then we’d start the process all over again.

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