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7-27-1972 German Draws 10 Year Term (Stars and Stripes)

A brief Associated Press article, appearing in Stars and Stripes, about the 10 year sentence given to Werner Hoppe. PDF: 7-27-1972 German Draws 10 Year Term

Werner Hoppe

A member of the lumpenproletariat, and a former drug addict, Hoppe joined the group in 1971. Shortly after joining, Hoppe was arrested on 15 July 1971 during the police shootout where Petra Schelm was killed.

July 15, 1971 Hamburg

RAF members Petra Schelm and Werner Hoppe are stopped at a police roadblock on a bridge in Hamburg. They are driving a stolen BMW 2002 ti (which was popularly called a “Baader-Meinhof Wagen”). They burst through the barricades and are chased by two police cars. The BMW slams to a halt as the police corner [read all]