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10-9-1972 Watch Out Here is a Lotta Bull – Der Spiegel

This article appeared in Der Spiegel on October 8, 1972. It is the first person account of Connie Konieczny, who had been a member of the Baader-Meinhof group briefly during their most intense and violent period. PDF: 10-9-1972WatchOutHereIsALottaBull – Der Spiegel – German Google English Translation Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Help clean up this bizarre, robot-like translation! [read all]

10-28-1977 Defender of German Terrorists (NY Times)

PDF: 10-28-1977 Defender of German Terrorists (NY Times)

March 1, 1972 Tübingen

Police nerves are wearing thin. With the shootout death of police officer Norbert Schmid the previous October weighing in their minds, the police are wary that any minor traffic stop might be a date with death. In Tübingen, police attempt to apprehend a young man fleeing in a car. Eventually the man is mowed down [read all]