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12-30-1977 Law and Terrorism (NY Times)

A short article on the alleged criminality of RAF defence lawyers according to the Federal Republic. PDF: 12-30-1977 Law and Terrorism (NY Times)

April 24, 1975 Stockholm

Six Red Army Faction terrorists, most of whom were former members of the Heidelberg Socialist Patients Collective (SPK), take over the West German Embassy in Stockholm, taking 11 hostages. The terrorists are: Siegfried Hauser, Hanne-Elise Krabbe, Karl-Heinz Dellwo, Lutz Taufer, Bernhard-Maria Rössner, and Ullrich Wessel. Swedish police quickly occupy the lower portion of the embassy. [read all]

November 10, 1974 West Berlin

The response to Meins’ death is immediate. Demonstrations take place in Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, and Stuttgart. In the evening, a delivery man shows up at the door of Günter von Drenkmann, the president of Germany’s Superior Court of Justice. Von Drenkmann, celebrating his 64th birthday, opens the door to the delivery man, and several [read all]

November 9, 1974 Wittlich

Holger Meins lays dying in his Wittlich cell. A tall man, he now weighs less than 100 pounds. His lawyer, Siegfried Haag, visits him in jail and realizes that he is dying. By 5:00 PM, Holger Meins is dead.

Second Generation of the Red Army Faction

Die Dritte Generation Depending on the timeframe that you are studying, the members of the Red Army Faction are often described as “the first generation of the RAF,” or the “second generation of the RAF,” and so on. There are two different meanings for this talk of RAF “generations.” The first, and less prominent meaning, is articulated [read all]

Podcast 22: Siegfried Haag: Lawyer, Terrorist

Publicly, Siegfried Haag was a lawyer for the Red Army Faction. But secretly he was the de facto head of the terrorist organization, planning violent actions across the Federal Republic. [display_podcast]