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4-25-1975 GermanTerroristCaptured (UPI)

A virually identical article to the previous post. PDF: 4-25-1975 GermanTerroristCaptured (UPI)

4-25-1975 German Terrorist Captured (AP)

Report on the fall out following the Stockholm siege, including the conviction of June 2nd Movement member Ronald Augustin. PDF: 4-25-1975 German Terrorist Captured

4-25-1975 German Terrorists Captured After Embassy Bomb Attack (UPI)

United Press International story in the April 25, 1975 edition of the Montreal Gazette, providing coverage of the aftermath of the disastrous Red Army Faction takeover of the West German Embassy in Stockholm. As with many article of the era, it perpetuates common misconceptions about the group (such as Ulrike Meinhof being the leader). PDF: German Terrorists [read all]