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Protagonist is one of those films that utterly defies description; yet is absolutely stunning, moving, and fascinating in so many unexpected ways. Actually it’s quite easy to describe: the hard part is having your description do justice to the film without the description seeming a bit goofy. The IMDB description is as good as any: [read all]

December 21, 1975 Vienna

An all-star cast of terrorists, led by the infamous Carlos the Jackal, bursts into a OPEC conference. Among the terrorists were Gabriele Kröcher-Tiedemann, the Movement 2 June member who had been released as part of the Lorenz kidnapping, and Hans-Joachim Klein, a member of the little-known German terrorist group Revolutionary Cells, who had served as [read all]

Revolutionary Cells

Revolutionär Zelles or RZ The Revolutionary Cells were the third, and least prominent, of the three left-wing terror groups in Germany in the early seventies. Organized into independently functioning cells, the RZ was possibly the most successful of the groups in the sheer number of its terrorist attacks, but they seldom pushed their name to media outlets. [read all]

Podcast 3: Director Jessica Yu Interview

Oscar-winning filmmaker Jessica Yu talks about “Protagonist,” which features an extensive interview with former terrorist Hans-Joachim Klein. [display_podcast]