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10-20-1977 Bonn Guards Liberty in Terrorism Fight (AP)

PDF: 10-20-1977 Bonn Guards Liberty in Terrorism Fight (AP)

4-27-1975 Bonn Radical Group has Violent Past (UPI)

Short resume of events following The Federal Governments pledge to stamp out the RAF. PDF: 4-27-1975 Bonn Radical Group has Violent Past (UPI)

4-24-1975 Five Terrorists Seize Embassy (AP)

An updated version of the previous article which names two suspected members of the group that seized the embassy. PDF: 4-24-1975 Five Terrorists Seize Embassy

3-5-1975 Politician Free Unhurt (AP)

Peter Lorenz is released unharmed after prisoners fly to freedom in Yemen. PDF: 3-5-1975 Politician Free Unhurt

3-3-1975 Four Released in Bid to Save Lorenz (AP)

Report on the deal to  release  four prisoners by the Federal Government to enable the freeing of mayoral candidate Peter Lorenz.  PDF 3-3-1975 Four Released in Bid to Save Lorenz

4-24-1975 Five Terrorists Seize Embassy (UPI)

A United Press International article detailing the initial takeover of the West Germany Embassy in Stockholm by the Red Army Faction. PDF 4-24-1975 Five Terrorists Seize Embassy

9-22-1977 Women Terrorists Groups Flourish In Germany (AP)

This Associated Press article appeared in the Spartanburg Herald-Journal on September 25, 1977, just as West Germany was descending into the horror of the “German Autumn”. The article is a general news analysis detailing how German terror groups were so heavily populated by women. It’s almost a curio-timepiece: the conclusions are often so hyperbolic and [read all]

December 21, 1975 Vienna

An all-star cast of terrorists, led by the infamous Carlos the Jackal, bursts into a OPEC conference. Among the terrorists were Gabriele Kröcher-Tiedemann, the Movement 2 June member who had been released as part of the Lorenz kidnapping, and Hans-Joachim Klein, a member of the little-known German terrorist group Revolutionary Cells, who had served as [read all]

Mid-Summer, 1975 West Berlin

Members of the Movement 2 June steal thousands of U-Banh (subway) tickets and freely distribute them to grateful Berliners upset at recent price hikes in the tickets. Movement 2 June members also participate in two bank raids in which they distribute chocolate kisses to the customers and bank staff. By September, however, most of the [read all]

March 4, 1975 Frankfurt am Main & Berlin

Heinrich Albertz and the rest of the Lufthansa crew fly back to Frankfurt from Aden, South Yemen, having released Pohle, Becker, Heissler, Siepmann, and Kröcher-Tiedemann (who had a second change of heart and elected to make the trip after all). A car screams through Berlin’s Wilmersdorf district shortly before midnight. Lorenz is pushed out of [read all]

February 28, 1975 West Berlin

A Polaroid photo is released early in the morning showing Lorenz with a sign around his neck: “Peter Lorenz, prisoner of the 2 June Movement.” With the photo is a demand for the immediate release of six terrorists: Horst Mahler, Verena Becker, Gabriele Kröcher-Tiedemann, Ingrid Siepmann, Rolf Heissler, and Rolf Pohle. Except for Mahler, all [read all]

February 27, 1975 West Berlin

At about 9:00 AM, Peter Lorenz leaves his home in the Zehlendorf district. Lorenz is the CDU (Christian Democrat Union) candidate for mayor in the West Berlin city elections to be held in three days. Less than half a mile from his house, his Mercedes is blocked by a large truck, and a Fiat rams [read all]

June 2nd Movement

Movement 2 June was the second most prominent left-wing German urban guerrilla group of the seventies. It was founded by former members of Kommune I, and was based in West Berlin. Movement 2 June was formed in Berlin around 1971. It was built from the remnants of the West Berlin Tupamaros small-level proto-terrorist group which had been around for [read all]