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April 27, 1974 West Berlin

Meinhof is transferred temporarily to Berlin’s Moabit prison to be tried for her part in the May 1970 freeing of Andreas Baader. Meinhof is tried with Horst Mahler, who is already serving time for his part in the crime (he had previously been found Not Guilty of participation, but the verdict was set aside), but [read all]

Monika Berberich

Born in October 1942, Monika Berberich was a junior lawyer in Horst Mahler’s Socialist Lawyers Collective. She joined up with the burgeoning Baader-Meinhof Gang when Andreas Baader was rescued from police custody in May 1970. Berberich was arrested soon after the group returned from training in the Jordan desert. A 1995 interview for a BBC [read all]

October 8 1970, West Berlin

Acting on a tip, police stake out a Berlin apartment where they have been told that Baader, Ensslin, and Mahler will be meeting. Baader and Ensslin never show, but Mahler, Monika Berberich, Brigitte Asdonk and Irene Goergens are all captured.

Early March 1970, West Berlin

Baader and Ensslin meet up with Dieter Kunzelmann, whose West Berlin Tupamaros had been mildly terrorizing Berlin the previous year with humorous pranks, and potentially deadly bombs. Kunzelmann wants Baader and Ensslin to join his gang, but the talks break down when Baader suggests that he be the leader rather than Kunzelmann. Horst Mahler, the [read all]