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12-15-1971 West Germany’s Bonnie and Clyde (LA Times)

A quite long, omnibus-style Lost Angeles Times article exploring the Baader-Meinhof Group, written at the height of their public support and well before their bombing campaign of the following May. The article lays out the false “Bonnie and Clyde” meme probably more completely than any other source. Early western media reports were obsessed with equating [read all]

10-28-1971 Raided Flat is Suspected Anarchist HQ (Stars and Stripes)

A story in Stars and Stripes about the recent killing of a police officer by Baader-Meinhof group member Margrit Schiller and the resulting search of a safehouse associated with the group.

February 4, 1974 Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main

Police raids in Hamburg and Frankfurt result in the re-arrests of Ilse Stachowiak, Christa Eckes, and Margit Schiller, and the arrests of Helmut Pohl, Kay-Werner Allnach, and Wolfgang Beer.

February, 1973 Hamburg

Margrit Schiller is released from prison, and promptly goes back underground.

October 22, 1971 Hamburg

Margrit Schiller is captured by police. While arresting her, RAF members Irmgard Möller and Gerhard Müller attempt to rescue her, getting into a shootout with police. Police sergeant Heinz Lemke is shot in the foot. Sergeant Norbert Schmid is killed.

September 25, 1971 Freiburg

Two police officers, Helmut Ruf and Friedrich Ruf (not related), approach an improperly parked car on the Freiburg-Basel autobahn. RAF members Margrit Schiller and Holger Meins hop out and begin shooting. Friedrich Ruf is shot through the hand, and Helmut Ruf is seriously injured. Meins and Schiller escape.