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10-9-1972 Watch Out Here is a Lotta Bull – Der Spiegel

This article appeared in Der Spiegel on October 8, 1972. It is the first person account of Connie Konieczny, who had been a member of the Baader-Meinhof group briefly during their most intense and violent period. PDF: 10-9-1972WatchOutHereIsALottaBull – Der Spiegel – German Google English Translation Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Help clean up this bizarre, robot-like translation! [read all]

7-10-1972 Eight Terrorist Gang Suspects Still Sought

A Stars and Stripes report on the capture of Irmgard Möller and Klaus Jünschke, and the efforts to capture an additional eight suspected terrorists. PDF: 7-10-1972 Eight Terrorist Gang Suspects Still Sought

7-9-1972 Gang Hunts Corrals Three (Stars and Stripes)

A brief Associated Press article, appearing in Stars and Stripes, detailing the arrest of three Baader-Meinhof members, including Irmgard Möller and Klaus Jünschke. PDF: 7-9-1972 Gang Hunts Corrals Three

7-9-1972 Terrorists Captured (AP)

Report on the capture in Offenbach of Klaus Jünschke and Irmgard Möller. PDF: 7-9-1972 Terrorists Captured

July 7, 1972 Offenbach

New Baader-Meinhof Gang member Hans-Peter Konieczny is cornered by police. He is quietly persuaded that the likelihood of him going to prison will be lessened if he aids in the capture of other gang members. Konieczny sets up Klaus Jünschke and Irmgard Möller, who are easily captured by the police. Konieczny is released from custody [read all]

December 22, 1971 Kaiserlautern

RAF members Klaus Jünschke, Ingeborg Barz, and Wolfgang Grundmann raid a branch of the Bavarian Mortgage and Exchange Bank. A police officer, Herbert Schoner, walks in on the raid and is shot dead.