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10-9-1972 Watch Out Here is a Lotta Bull – Der Spiegel

This article appeared in Der Spiegel on October 8, 1972. It is the first person account of Connie Konieczny, who had been a member of the Baader-Meinhof group briefly during their most intense and violent period. PDF: 10-9-1972WatchOutHereIsALottaBull – Der Spiegel – German Google English Translation Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Help clean up this bizarre, robot-like translation! [read all]

7-10-1972 Eight Terrorist Gang Suspects Still Sought

A Stars and Stripes report on the capture of Irmgard Möller and Klaus Jünschke, and the efforts to capture an additional eight suspected terrorists. PDF: 7-10-1972 Eight Terrorist Gang Suspects Still Sought

7-9-1972 Gang Hunts Corrals Three (Stars and Stripes)

A brief Associated Press article, appearing in Stars and Stripes, detailing the arrest of three Baader-Meinhof members, including Irmgard Möller and Klaus Jünschke. PDF: 7-9-1972 Gang Hunts Corrals Three

10-20-1977 Kidnapped German Business Leader is Found Slain (AP)

PDF: 10-20-1977 Kidnapped German Business Leader is Found Slain (AP)

Death Night

According to German authorities Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin, and Jan-Carl Raspe all committed suicide in their Stammheim prison cells early on the morning of 18 October 1977. It is perhaps understandable that many Germans had trouble believing them. The Red Army Faction cell block had been described over the previous five years as the most [read all]

Irmgard Möller

Möller was convicted for the 24 May, 1972 bombing of the U.S. Army Base in Heidelberg. Möller, accompanied by Angela Luther, was one of two people who drove bomb-filled cars onto the base; the explosions killed three American soldiers, Capt. Clyde Bonner, Charles Peck, and Ronald Woodward. She was arrested July 9, 1972 after being [read all]

February 9, 1973 Cologne

After eight months of total isolation in the “Dead Section” of Cologne’s Ossendorf prison, Ulrike Meinhof is finally moved to an area of the prison that is populated by other prisoners. The move is prompted by the hunger strikes that most of the Baader-Meinhof Gang members are waging. The hunger strikes are called off, and [read all]

July 7, 1972 Offenbach

New Baader-Meinhof Gang member Hans-Peter Konieczny is cornered by police. He is quietly persuaded that the likelihood of him going to prison will be lessened if he aids in the capture of other gang members. Konieczny sets up Klaus Jünschke and Irmgard Möller, who are easily captured by the police. Konieczny is released from custody [read all]

May 24, 1972 Heidelberg

Irmgard Möller and Angela Luther drive two cars onto the Campbell Barracks of the US Army Supreme European Command in Heidelberg. It is an easy enough job, the guards wave any cars with American license plates through; a pair of stolen plates ensures that they will not be stopped. Helped by Baader and Meins, Möller’s [read all]

May 12, 1972 Augsburg and Munich

Angela Luther and Irmgard Möller sneak into the Augsburg Police department and leave two time-delay pipe bombs. The bombs explode shortly after noon, injuring five policemen. Later in the Baader, Meins, and Ensslin leave a car bomb to explode in the parking lot of the state Bundeskriminalamt in Munich, destroying 60 cars. The Baader-Meinhof Gang, [read all]

October 22, 1971 Hamburg

Margrit Schiller is captured by police. While arresting her, RAF members Irmgard Möller and Gerhard Müller attempt to rescue her, getting into a shootout with police. Police sergeant Heinz Lemke is shot in the foot. Sergeant Norbert Schmid is killed.