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Wolfgang Grundmann

Grundmann joined the Baader-Meinhof Gang with his girlfriend Ingeborg Barz late in 1971. He was holed up in a Hamburg safehouse on 2 March 1972 with Manfred Grashof, when police raided the place. Grashof shot and several injured a cop (Hans Eckhardt died three weeks later from his injuries). Grundmann and Grashof were taken into [read all]

Ingeborg Barz

Ingeborg Barz, a young secretary, joined the Baader-Meinhof Gang in December of 1971 along with her politically active boyfriend Wolfgang Grundmann. After a few months on the run Barz called her mom on 21 February, saying that she wanted to come home. She is never seen again. It has always been assumed that she was [read all]

July, 1973 Munich

A skeleton of a woman is found in the woods outside of Munich. Police identify the remains as Ingeborg Barz, a former Baader-Meinhof member who has been missing for a year. There have been claims that Baader shot Barz after she indicated that she wanted to leave the group. The dead women found near Munich [read all]

February 21, 1972 Kaiserlautern

Members of the Baader-Meinhof Gang, in full carnival-mask regalia, raid the local branch of the Bavarian Mortgage and Exchange Bank, netting DM 285,000. Later that day Gang member Ingeborg Barz (who had been in the group for about three months) telephones her mother in Berlin, indicating that she wants to quit. Crying, Barz tells her [read all]

December 22, 1971 Kaiserlautern

RAF members Klaus Jünschke, Ingeborg Barz, and Wolfgang Grundmann raid a branch of the Bavarian Mortgage and Exchange Bank. A police officer, Herbert Schoner, walks in on the raid and is shot dead.