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6-18-1972 Ulrike Meinhof Caught (Stars and Stripes)

A Stars and Stripes article about the recent capture of Ulrike Meinhof in Hannover, as well as the capture of other group members. PDF: 6-18-1972 Ulrike Meinhof Caught

February 4, 1974 Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main

Police raids in Hamburg and Frankfurt result in the re-arrests of Ilse Stachowiak, Christa Eckes, and Margit Schiller, and the arrests of Helmut Pohl, Kay-Werner Allnach, and Wolfgang Beer.

Ilse “Tinny” Stachowiak

Ilse Stachowiak (born in May of 1954) joined the Baader-Meinhof Gang late in 1970. She has just turned 17 and the youngest ever member of the group. She was arrested not too long afterwards on 12 April 1971 at the Frankfurt train station after a policeman recognized her from her wanted poster. She was not [read all]

May 19, 1972 Hamburg

Ulrike Meinhof, Siegfried Hausner, Klause Jünschke, and Ilse Stachowiak place six bombs in the Hamburg offices of the Springer Press. Three fail to explode, but the other three bombs blow up around 3:15 PM, injuring 17 people. “The 2 July Commando” claims responsibility.

April 12, 1971 Frankfurt am Main

Ilse “Tinny” Stachowiak is arrested at the train station in Frankfurt. She is recognized from her photograph on one of the millions of ubiquitous wanted posters seen throughout the Federal Republic.