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7-10-1972 Eight Terrorist Gang Suspects Still Sought

A Stars and Stripes report on the capture of Irmgard Möller and Klaus Jünschke, and the efforts to capture an additional eight suspected terrorists. PDF: 7-10-1972 Eight Terrorist Gang Suspects Still Sought

January 10, 1972 Federal Republic of Germany

Der Spiegel publishes a letter by future Nobel laureate Heinrich Böll, in which he decries the Springer Press’s Bild newspaper for a recently published headline accusing the Baader-Meinhof Gang of murder. The Bild headline referred to the shooting of police officer Herbert Schoner on December 20. Böll says that Bild’s Baader-Meinhof coverage “Isn’t cryptofascist anymore, [read all]

December 22, 1971 Kaiserlautern

RAF members Klaus Jünschke, Ingeborg Barz, and Wolfgang Grundmann raid a branch of the Bavarian Mortgage and Exchange Bank. A police officer, Herbert Schoner, walks in on the raid and is shot dead.