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11-11-1972 Baader Reputedly in bomb Car (Stars and Stripes)

A Stars and Stripes exclusive article detailing recent newspaper articles covering a special report on the May 24 bombing at Campbell Barracks in Heidelberg. The articles noted that it was believed that Baader himself drove one of the cars onto the base in Heidelberg; parking it next to the computer building where the bomb in [read all]

6-20-1972 Germans Ready Bomb Trial (Stars and Stripes)

A Stars and Stripes article about the recent arrests of several Baader-Meinhof members. PDF: 6-20-1972 Germans Ready Bomb Trial

6-18-1972 Ulrike Meinhof Caught (Stars and Stripes)

A Stars and Stripes article about the recent capture of Ulrike Meinhof in Hannover, as well as the capture of other group members. PDF: 6-18-1972 Ulrike Meinhof Caught

Ingeborg Barz

Ingeborg Barz, a young secretary, joined the Baader-Meinhof Gang in December of 1971 along with her politically active boyfriend Wolfgang Grundmann. After a few months on the run Barz called her mom on 21 February, saying that she wanted to come home. She is never seen again. It has always been assumed that she was [read all]

Spring, 1973 Essen

Gudrun Ensslin uses characters from Moby Dick as new code-names for the imprisoned members of the gang. Gudrun becomes “Smutje,” Baader “Ahab,” Holger Meins “Starbuck,” Jan-Carl Raspe “Carpenter,” Gerhard Müller “Queequeg,” and Horst Mahler “Bildad.” Gudrun dubs Meinhof “Teresa,” which was not a character from Moby Dick. Baader-Meinhof Biographer Stefan Aust later theorizes that Ensslin [read all]

February 9, 1973 Cologne

After eight months of total isolation in the “Dead Section” of Cologne’s Ossendorf prison, Ulrike Meinhof is finally moved to an area of the prison that is populated by other prisoners. The move is prompted by the hunger strikes that most of the Baader-Meinhof Gang members are waging. The hunger strikes are called off, and [read all]

June 15, 1972 Hanover

Ulrike Meinhof and Gerhard Müller spent the past two days at the apartment of a teacher, who was a friend of one of Ulrike’s Schili connections. At first the teacher does not realize exactly who is sleeping under his roof, but he takes his suspicions to his girlfriend the next morning and then to the [read all]

October 22, 1971 Hamburg

Margrit Schiller is captured by police. While arresting her, RAF members Irmgard Möller and Gerhard Müller attempt to rescue her, getting into a shootout with police. Police sergeant Heinz Lemke is shot in the foot. Sergeant Norbert Schmid is killed.