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May 8 – June 29, 1973 Federal Republic of Germany

The prisoners begin their second hunger strike, which lasts two months. Despite being located in many prisons throughout the Federal Republic, the prisoners are able to communicate by using their lawyers as go-betweens.

July 25, 1971 Federal Republic of Germany

A remarkable poll by the respected Allensbach Institute is published. One in five Germans under thirty expresses “a certain sympathy” for the members of the Red Army Faction. The survey also asked “Assuming that someone from this group would ask you for shelter for the night, would you take him/her in the one night?” Five [read all]

Winter 1971, Federal Republic of Germany

Ulrike Meinhof is put in charge of writing a manifesto of the group. The result, “The Concept of the Urban Guerrilla,” is released in late winter, achieving wide circulation by May. On its cover is a logo: a rifle over a star, with the letters RAF on top of them. The rifle is a Kalashnikov [read all]

January 1971, Federal Republic of Germany

Young Beate Sturm, member of the nascent Baader-Meinhof Gang and tired of being on the run, quietly returns home to her mother.