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Eric Grusdat

Eric Grusdat was a an auto shop owner recruited into the Baader-Meinhof Gang soon after the founding members returned from training in Jordan. His employee Karl-Heinz Ruhland joined as well. Grusdat participated in the infamous “triple coup,” bank raid in 1970, where three banks where three Berlin banks were raided at the same time. He [read all]

Karl-Heinz Ruhland

Ruhland was an employee at Eric Grusdat’s West Berlin auto shop. Soon after members of the gang returned from training in Jordan late in 1970, they approached Grusdat and Ruhland to join up with the gang. Ruhland participated in the triple bank robbery on 6 October 1970, as well as other actions, but he never [read all]

September 1970, Italy

Stefan Aust, former editor of konkret, former friend of Ulrike Meinhof, and future biographer of the Baader-Meinhof Gang, meets up with group member Peter Homann, who had been kicked out of the group in Jordan. Homann tells Aust of Meinhof’s two daughters, Bettina and Regine, who are secretly being cared for by two hippies at [read all]