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Socialist Patients Collective

Sozialististisches Patienten Kollektiv or Socialist Patients Collective The Socialist Patients Collective (SPK) was the strange product of a therapy-group at Heidelberg University. Dr. Wolfgang Huber, a psychiatrist at the university’s clinic, believed that his patients’ mental disorders stemmed from Capitalism, and the only cure was a Marxist society. When the university tried to fire Huber, his [read all]

February 1970, Heidelberg

A young psychiatrist working at Heidelberg University gets fired. Dr. Wolfgang Huber has angered the university officials with his unorthodox therapy methods. In response to his firing, Huber’s patients, mostly students, occupy the offices of Huber’s hospital director, who ultimately agrees to keep Huber on. Huber’s radical psychiatric thesis is this: his patients are indeed [read all]