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Podcast 28: the Return of the Red Army Faction?

A wave of leftist bombings in Berlin makes Richard Huffman wonder whether we are seeing a return to the days of Baader-Meinhof. [display_podcast]  

The Return of the Red Army Faction?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 – Berlin. The discovery and defusing of a bomb planted in Berlin’s main train station yesterday, the third bomb in a row created apparently by left-wing extremists, unexpectedly sent shivers down my spine. A leftist group called “Hekla Reception Committee — Initiative for more Eruptions in Society ” has claimed responsibility, [read all]

Podcast 16: Interview with Urban Guerrilla Bommi Baumann

Interview with former West German Urban Guerrilla Michael “Bommi” Baumann. Pay attention to the moment when Richard find out that this is the man who build the bombs that could have killed his parents. [display_podcast]  

Podcast 13: Chuck Huffman and Vicki Burkholder Interview

Chuck Huffman and Vicki Burkholder, parents of the creator of, talk about Chuck’s experience defusing West German terrorist bombs in the early 1970s. [display_podcast]  

2002 3AM Magazine interview with Richard Huffman

2002 3AM Magazine interview with Richard Huffman 3AM/Andrew Stevens I suppose I should begin by asking: why Baader-Meinhof? What inspired you to put together this site and sit down to write a book on the subject? Richard Huffman Until about 1996 I was completely unaware of the Baader-Meinhof Gang or left-wing European terrorism for that matter. I [read all]

1999 Interview with Richard Huffman for Eye Magazine

Interview with Richard Huffman in the Eye Magazine in 1999 Sam Gaines/ Eye Magazine In the late-’60s and ’70s an underground revolutionary group existed in Germany known as the Baader-Meinhof Gang. Decades later, on September 16, 1999, Austrian police killed Baader-Meinhof member Horst Ludwig Meyer in a Vienna shoot-out that started when he and his [read all]