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Irene Goergens

Born April 1951. Underground name: “Peggy.” Irene Goergens was the illegitimate daughter of an American GI. She was a follower of Ulrike Meinhof, having met her while Meinhof was researching youth homes for her telefilm “Bambule.” Goergens was arrested in October of 1970 along with Horst Mahler, Brigitte Asdonk, and Ingrid Schubert. She was tried [read all]

Ingrid Schubert

A young Berlin doctor, Ingrid Schubert participated in the freeing of Andreas Baader from the Dahlem Institute for Social Research in May of 1970. Schubert was arrested in October of that year with Horst Mahler, Irene Goergens, and Brigitte Asdonk. She was later given 13 years in prison for her participation the Baader breakout. In [read all]

Horst Mahler

In many ways Horst Mahler (born in January of 1936) can be considered the founder of the Baader-Meinhof Gang. A brilliant socialist lawyer and architect, Mahler began to look for ways to turn his Marxist theory into praxis. His idea was to create a band of Urban Guerillas who would help foment a Marxist revolution. [read all]

Brigitte Asdonk

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October 8 1970, West Berlin

Acting on a tip, police stake out a Berlin apartment where they have been told that Baader, Ensslin, and Mahler will be meeting. Baader and Ensslin never show, but Mahler, Monika Berberich, Brigitte Asdonk and Irene Goergens are all captured.