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Bommi Baumann

December 4, 1971 West Berlin

June 2nd Movement members Georg von Rauch and Bommi Baumann are pulled over by a police officer. The cops lines them up on the war, but when the cop is momentarily distracted, von Rauch pulls out his own gun and begins shooting. The cop shoot von Rauch dead. Baumann gets away.

Summer, 1971 West Berlin

Former members of Kommune I, and former members of the now-disbanded West Berlin Tupamaros, form “Movement 2 June.” Andreas Baader and Gudrun Ensslin encourage the group, which includes Bommi Baumann and Fritz Teufel, to join the RAF. They demure, wary of Baader’s insistence on total leadership, and prefer to stay in Berlin anyway.

Podcast 16: Interview with Urban Guerrilla Bommi Baumann

Interview with former West German Urban Guerrilla Michael “Bommi” Baumann. Pay attention to the moment when Richard find out that this is the man who build the bombs that could have killed his parents. [display_podcast]