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Grenzschutzgruppe 9 or Border Guard Group 9 The GSG-9 is Germany’s anti-terrorist commando group. Despite West Germany suffering from dozens of home-grown terrorist actions during the first three years of the 1970s, the GSG-9 did not come into being because of native terrorists. Rather, the GSG-9 was created in response to the Munich Olympic massacre [read all]

March 3, 1973 Khartoum

Black September Palestinian guerrillas execute American diplomats Cleo Noel Jr. and George Moore. The diplomats had been among many hostages taken by Black September from the Saudi Arabian embassy in Khartoum. The guerrillas have been demanding the release of Sirhan Sirhan (Bobby Kennedy’s killer), many Palestinians held in Jordan, all Arab women detained in Israel, [read all]

September 5, 1972 Munich

Any hopes that the days of the terrorism menace is behind them for the Federal Republic are put to a rest on September 5. Amidst the glory of the Olympic Games, “Black September” Palestinian terrorists capture Israeli hostages in the Olympic Village. A bungled rescue operation by the Bavarian state authorities leads to the deaths [read all]