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11-3-1977 Three Guerrillas Hinted of Suicide (Reuters)

PDF: 11-3-1977 Three Guerrillas Hinted of Suicide (Reuters)


Bundeskriminalamt or Federal Criminal Investigation Office Because the post-war West German quasi-constitution — “The Basic Law” — had set up the country as a fairly loose confederation states, with little power to establish national agencies, there was no German equivalent of the American FBI. The closest German cousin to the FBI was the BKA, which [read all]

March 8, Federal Republic of Germany

The New York Times reports that “West Germany’s security authorities are in the process of establishing a special anti-terrorist department to counteract foreign and domestic political militants suspected of plotting violence. …Its principal task is to infiltrate German and foreign anarchist groups with the aim of gathering the kind of intelligence that would enable the [read all]

May 12, 1972 Augsburg and Munich

Angela Luther and Irmgard Möller sneak into the Augsburg Police department and leave two time-delay pipe bombs. The bombs explode shortly after noon, injuring five policemen. Later in the Baader, Meins, and Ensslin leave a car bomb to explode in the parking lot of the state Bundeskriminalamt in Munich, destroying 60 cars. The Baader-Meinhof Gang, [read all]

September 1, 1971 Bonn

Horst Herold is selected to be Chief Commissioner of the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA). He immediately goes about centralizing efforts to track down the Baader-Meinhof Gang. He builds a computer system which contains every singe fact or bit of evidence relating to the gang.

Early Winter 1971, Bonn

Always protective of their own sovereignty, the leaders of the various Länder (states) agree to allow a special section of the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) to be created to oversee Germany’s anti-terrorism efforts. After the second World War, West Germany had been created as a loose confederation of states, with little in the way of an internal [read all]