Stars and Stripes 1-28-1971 Top German Bandit Warns ‘The Fight Has Just Begun’ (Stars and Stripes (Stars and Stripes)

This articles marks the first time the that Baader-Meinhof Groups is mentioned in Stars and Stripes. The article was prompted by a letter written by Baader and delivered to the Munich office of the West German Press Agency where Baader reasserted his intention to continue the fight against the German state. The letter was prompted by rumors that Baader was about to turn himself in.

the article also mentions the testimony at a recent trial by former Baader-Meinhof Group member Karl-Heinz Ruhland about the inner workings of the group. The article mentions that the group has “a certain following among leftist organizations.” Within a few months a survey would show that the group actually had as many as 8 million Germans expressing sympathy or potential support for the group.

The article is also interesting because it chooses to follow the more neutral descriptor of the group — “the Baader-Meinhof Group” — rather than the term used by the dominant Springer Press: “the Baader-Meinhof Gang.”

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