The Baader-Meinhof Gang Ingrid Schubert

A young Berlin doctor, Ingrid Schubert participated in the freeing of Andreas Baader from the Dahlem Institute for Social Research in May of 1970. Schubert was arrested in October of that year with Horst Mahler, Irene Goergens, and Brigitte Asdonk. She was later given 13 years in prison for her participation the Baader breakout.

In 1976 she was transferred to Stammheim prison, supposedly to comfort Gudrun Ensslin after the suicide of Ulrike Meinhof. After the Stammheim suicides of Ensslin, Baader, and Jan-Carl Raspe, Schubert was transferred to Munich’s Stadelheim prison. Two weeks later, on 13 November 1977, Schubert committed suicide in prison.