chapter capsules Chapter 3 — Andreas

1943 – 1968, 18 pages: Like the previous two chapters, this chapter will step back in time and tell of the beginnings of Baader. His father having been captured and killed by the Soviets before the end of World War Two, he was left fatherless like many young Germans. Andreas was an exceptionally spoiled child. He was never pressured to succeed in school, so he succeeded at being a juvenile delinquent instead. He bounced in and out of youth homes, constantly being arrested for petty theft. During the mid-sixties he grows attracted to the growing student movement—not because he had any desire to learn but because of the numerous attractive university “chicks.” What he lacked in intellect he made up for in violent rhetoric. When a young college radical would call for action against the state, Baader would pipe in, arguing for massive violent revolt. The student usually came away impressed by the “dangerous” Baader.