1974 April 27, 1974 West Berlin

Meinhof is transferred temporarily to Berlin’s Moabit prison to be tried for her part in the May 1970 freeing of Andreas Baader. Meinhof is tried with Horst Mahler, who is already serving time for his part in the crime (he had previously been found Not Guilty of participation, but the verdict was set aside), but is now being tried for “criminal association, and Hans-Jürgen Bäcker, who at the time was believed to be the gunman who shot the elderly librarian Georg Linke in the 1970 rescue of Baader.

Meinhof uses her courthouse pulpit to announce another hunger strike among the prisoners. Mahler declines to take part in the hunger strike, thus essentially confirming that he is no longer a member of the RAF. His former associate Monika Berberich denounces him on the Moabit stand: “[Mahler is an] unimportant tattler and a ridiculous figure.”