1975 April 15, 1975 Karlsruhe

Four American lawyers formally protest the “Baader-Meinhof Laws” in Germany’s Constitutional Court: former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, radical “Chicago Seven” lawyer William Kunstler, powerful leftist lawyer Peter Weiss, and William Schaap.

Their protests do little good. The court approves the laws, allowing the Baader-Meinhof judges to exclude Klaus Croissant, Kurt Groenwald, and Hans-Christian Ströbele from the defense team. These moves are ironic because Croissant, Groenwald, and Ströbele have all been recently kicked off of the defense team already by the Baader. The Baader-Meinhof defendants clearly want it known who was in control, and any perceived ideological weakening of one of their lawyers resulted in the sacking of that lawyer.