agit 883 Agit 883 Nr. 62 excerpt: “Build up the Red Army!”

This edition of Agit 883 is notable for a  full page article, written by Ulrike Meinhof  (within weeks of her helping break Andreas Baader from police custody) and submitted anonymously to Agit 883, which was printed alongside a note from the editors encouraging readers to react and respond to the article through letters to the editor. The article, entitled “Build up the Red Army” was the first true communique of the nascent, and still unnamed “Red Army Faction.” By the time the article appeared, Meinhof, Andreas Baader, Horst Mahler, and about 10 others had already made their way to a Palestinian training camp in the Jordan desert.

PDF: Agit 883 Nr. 62 Excerpt: “Build up the Red Army”

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