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This article appeared in Der Spiegel on October 8, 1972. It is the first person account of Connie Konieczny, who had been a member of the Baader-Meinhof group briefly during their most intense and violent period.

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Watch out, here’s has a Lotta Bull

Hans-Peter (“Connie”) Konieczny, 19, worked from February to July 1972, to the Baader-Meinhof group. The typesetter forged documents and stamps arrived in Tübingen, in the background with Gudrun Ensslin and Andreas Baader, was planning a bank robbery – and then drew, a day after his arrest, the group members Irmgard Möller and Klaus Jünschke in a police trap. Der Spiegel describes the now freed again Konieczny, as he joined the BM group and why he eventually left.

At 15, when I made the Obertertia over, I’m out of school. I had a bad recommendation, I would have been transferred. But my old one – well, was yes. Pocket-locked and so on, and I simply had had enough.

I was looking for a job. I was a typesetter at that time, 1968 is interesting. I am gelatscht to a print shop, as I have presented and was immediately taken as an apprentice.

My old man I have communicated as more or less: You, listen here, I’m going casual work after the summer holidays. As he has done a great rate. Which has floated his son to graduate from school, goes to the military, officer or something. But I’m out of school without that my age has further strained much of it, he is a guy who can not discuss with you.

In the typesetter doctrine were a few really good guys who started with me. In operation, was a fragrant council, were union members, which is also quite rare. Our apprentice master, a good SPDler and DGB member has given us every now and then a tip. This must make it a little bit of terror, he said, must feisty as her – but I know nothing about it.

This was for my “political biography” quite favorable so far as the boss was a huge asshole. He has been on the first day made a big theater, because I had sideburns to the ear end. That was so that has helped me a lot. This was in fact just the time in which the SDS has tried to come with us to apprentices or workers in contact. I found the dufte that from time to time a drunk and have spoken it. It has the SDS simply had someone with whom one could try to seek a solution to his problems.

When I had achieved so little by little the stage by the unsuspecting to the radical Democrats, I looked around in my home town of Tuebingen in the left-wing groups.

I went to SDAJ to a small group of Marxists / Leninists (ML) and the DKP. As a union member I have tried with initial success to build an active IG-pressure youth group. But we had a union president of printing and paper in Tübingen, it was like a real man-SPD. He has always had cold feet. that his union is being infiltrated by Communists and so on.

In the Tübingen and at the Club Voltaire SDAJ it stunk to me. You had to approve because the GDR and the like. In the ML, it was similar: proletarian cult precisely fixed guidelines and then things just the way that I later called Stalinism. I was against the powerful party. because I wanted to avoid that the same shit happens like in the Soviet Union or China.

The comrades of the Marxist / Leninists have always from the traitor Trotsky and talked like that, but never let out who that is. Simply hollow phrases that they have otherwise mostly threshed. Since I have my own views, the “Permanent Revolution”, a book by Trotsky, have worried, “read this and have” found the right because it corresponded to my ideas about democracy.

In early 1971, after I was of two students who were so well to the direction, books on Trotsky, Ernest Mandel and the Fourth International had been given, I co-founded the International Marxist Group (GIM) in Tübingen. I was among those who later in particular, a kind of showpiece workers.

We had a street cafe, where we have met colleagues after work – a few Gimle and other left-wing students who will soon have a bit of the tone adopted by us workers. You once said “asshole” or something like that, and so are the biases have been eliminated. Finally, we also have other problems other than politics.

But all was not right. The GIM group was growing quickly to 20 or 30 people, but who knew most of the quotes had there automatically the correct position. Thus, the workers, except me, gradually crumbled.

Soon all were only a few there who were in groups rumgedrückt Sun If they had still won a couple of apprentices for a joint event, came the Studentenärsche and all had excuses and no desire to do something together some time. If we wanted to rent a house for a living community of students and apprentices and trainees and the willingness of some workers, there was, had yet again at the end of each objection and would not risk that it comes out the big shit.

It was added that the GIM split: there was Spartacus, ran away as a large part and it was followed by clashes at the university, with the DKP one hand and the ML on the other. No one then had more time because he had any place in the old Charly (Marx), the Lenin or anywhere else read to each well to know, whether the ass from the ML or the ass from the DKP is right. This has in my case meant that I had fully to week more and more the muzzle of a week.

Instead of the few people involved wanted to occupy an empty house and, if necessary, so “ne to risk charges of coercion or resistance, you have at home in the privacy of Lenin, Volume 27, section 4, page 43, learned by heart. The I just always has stunk more.

Last year in July / August then something happened. I have taken leave in order to participate in Esslingen near a red-dot-action. Because I was perched in front of a bus and taken part in a brawl with two bulls, I was accused of resistance and coercion. In February 1972, my trial. Lawyer Jörg Lang, Tübingen, which had given me a comrade, took me for an acquittal out *.

Lang was a guy who is not like others with the doctor-sign on the door rausgekehrt so conscious of the intellectuals, but a scholar with whom one views as workers drink beer and go to where you pretty much could have confidence.

One evening – I was incredibly frustrated at the time – I met him accidentally in the Tübingen Hague street where he lives. “Jogi waved from the car, said:” How are you, what do. And: Let’s go drink something. First, we are up to his apartment, then in a pub, in the “Salon of the Hundred went; there was then pushed around so eccentric kook.

He drank beer, I Cola, and we have once spoken widely on the political situation. And I have come to speak to the fact that I stink, the usual political group would work and I wanted to find other ways of political work. I said, so comments like: I print “mal bills or false papers and send” it to BM. And then we came to Baader-Meinhof.

I think it was in February. as we are in the ice cream parlor “Napoli” in Tübingen met again, Jogi wanted to make out at this meeting well, if my statement that I am positive BM was more than just dahingeredet. He asked if I could possibly draw from my attitude consequences. I said: Yes, we can say that about. I would just not an option. getting hold of such people.

A few days later we met in Stuttgart in the “Mövenpick. Lang has eaten something, not drink and feudal, and a few beers – I have some coffee and some cola. He said. I remember it still, he could tell me together with a few people who think like me, and I painted on a piece of paper, where should I go on the same evening. He drew on the street and marked Stuttgart Pfizer, which house, what door exactly.

“Lord of the creaking, I’m not really frightened.”

At midnight I’m going on about the little palace square to the marked house. I came to a metal door, knocked, knocking a certain character that I had known long, and the door opened. I stood, down two steps, directly into an apartment there.

I first saw a guy who “ne was wearing black pants and shirt in ocher. With the rear he was leaning against a locker, and he looked pale mistaken – as a stage artist, which is made up. A woman opened the door to You had a red-brown suede coat, Midi, an. It would have the first look for her so “can hold ne aunt, who has a little money. He looked like a typical pimp.

I sat in a wicker chair, which was incredibly uncomfortable, and said: I’m Conny. And I saw that the woman had a pistol in his right hand, a P 38 Special. The guy had put an automatic gun in his belt and said: Shoot me off times.

About the guns, I’m not really frightened. But at first I was flabbergasted and could not say: What are you fumbling around with the guns there or something like that. As

* Lang was born on 13 July 1972 arrested on suspicion of supporting the BM group and helped her in areas such as housing to have

I only became aware of how shitty the situation was: a linker, which was once on the ‘nerve demonstration, a few types provides the right to carry the “a gun, and then he will talk some more.

“We are interested in machine guns.”

The woman standing to my right. has now stretched and bridges the situation incredibly well, saying, What are going? Only gradually, as I could see it more because I got’s: people, then the face side, the teeth with the gaps. that corresponded exactly to the SPIEGEL-Photo from the department store fire trial.

Since it was so right click: Man, this is the Ensslin. I just can not imagine then that the other type is the Baader. But finally I have known only later, when I was at home and have since so rausgekramt Photos.

In the apartment, the bed was fresh and it all looked after breaking up. When I had to navigate a minute, I saw the toilet and the bathroom, then there was probably still the ne kitchen or cooking it. In the bathroom I have no razors, no hair spray. In the whole apartment ever seen any piece of luggage.

As the tense atmosphere was a little off, the Baader has begun: We are interested in machine guns and hand grenades. He spoke of a couple of kidnappings in order to get money and prisoners freizubekommen – then of weapons. I said, I must see first time, so have not made any promise that I could get something.

Gudrun Ensslin was calm, quiet. dominated, very cool. Baader incredibly nervous: Once outside, a car drove into the street clean, Baader has jumped up, fired at the window. the pear looked out and then, what’s on. He has like crazy “smoking Gitanes and biscuits eaten, not because he was hungry, but simply out of nervousness.

Gudrun’s weapon was a silver color. Because I had never seen anything like it, I said, you know what is this, and she said: ‘ne 38th I said: That’s it Nich, in silver. Then said Baader: Yes, the cunts all have something silvery or something Glänziges.

Words like cunt, shitty, gloomy. check, tear, or aunt were so cool standing expressions in BM. The word OM or RAF (Red Army Faction “) was not used, they said only” we. ” Someone who unpacks the police, they wanted to chase a cargo of salt in the ass.

I finally said that I, as a trained printer papers here make everything, no matter whether drivers license, passport, car license. It took me only the original paper, the other technical means I would have.

The Ensslin said, next week is calling you to someone under the name Gerda. I entered the phone number of my new employer and told that the phone is not bugged, as in many other companies. The Ensslin has me for a meeting in Tübingen called The bus stop behind the lecture hall. Before I’m gone after just one hour, we still have a little talk about BM. Baader from his permanent abductions. Otherwise, Baader has hardly anything left from the deck.

On a Thursday in early March – I was just printing in my new company – I was called to my boss: Here is a conversation for you. I heard on the phone: Here is Gerda, but I did not know if that was the Ensslin or anyone else. It was said that we will meet this evening to the appointed spot. I said, alright, I come, and then she has launched, that was all.

In the evening the main lecture hall, post office bus stop. It occurred to me that something was agreed upon: The person who comes. holds “ne” Jasmine “in his hand. I am so waiting to and fro, had random times rübergeblickt the lecture hall, and there is Gudrun come: just boringly normal durchgelatscht through the lecture hall as the student X or anyone else. She had a dark trousers again the suede coat, and so one bag at.

We are a few streets away, where I had parked my car, and drove a few times by Tübingen. I was pretty cautious and a bit fickrig because of the cops, and she had also not yet complete trust at the first meeting: I would have had the opportunity to get the bulls

Also Gudrun Ensslin has consistently checked back, but in itself incredibly quiet. The term cool actually fit very well on them.

While driving through the city, they asked: Where will you put things when you print them? As it is in operation, the chances are that you will be caught as time? But I was able to calm down: I was often alone in the print shop, there was weiterjobben after work, then the place is close, it is no longer there. Finally, my boss gave me incredibly familiar. “I was surprised

Gudrun was as reckless. ”

There were really only security issues that we discussed that day. She explained to me that this is not a suspicion, if she did not say where she lives, and that it is best if everyone knows as little as possible from the other – then the cops know little, if someone gets caught and perhaps unpack.

When the Gudrun sat with me in the car and later, to me is the thought “It looks good” or “That’s a goat” did not come. The fact that she was the prominent Ensslin, has played no role. That was simply this: I was a comrade, it was ne-mate, and there we have just what each other made.

At the next meeting, just a week later, we are back rumgefahren in the car, and she gave me in a brown business envelope two negatives of car notes, and reproductions of original size. They also took from her purse two original letterhead, from Stuttgart Otto-Graf-Institut and the University of Stuttgart. They told me to print as 20, 40 copies of it. On the letterhead might be “a lot of stuff and so ordered – especially in large quantities which would not otherwise get. Were probably the chemicals, that was so” ne department of the institute.

The matter was simple: because the sheets were ordinary templates. I needed instead of the movie only one Verilithplatte reinzuhängen into the camera to chase the target through a device that is developed and fixed, and then I could print directly and there with a offset plate, but just plain and ‘ne relatively small print run. I did that at lunchtime, 40 pieces, there need five minutes to do so.

The third meeting with the Ensslin I was astounded on their mistaken nerves: They came, as if they were “a girlfriend of mine would be by bus from Stuttgart. I have sent her the finished letterhead given, and she found the things scary dufte.

Previously, she had asked me before, because if it were in Tübingen ammunition depots. This time, on a Sunday, at half past three, she wanted to know more. We went to the gallows at an ammunition depot of the French, which is guarded scary sharp.

We ran pretty close, like so many people out walking in the woods, and they took a small pair of binoculars from his pocket in order to decipher the signs at the various lodges of the depot. She wanted to know what is in each of the gizmos in it. But there was only “No Smoking” in French on it, and that is scary then scraped.

She was then quite a hunger, and therefore we are in a pub rausgefahren on a backwater – to Wurmlingen, eight kilometers away from Tübingen. I ordered a sausage salad, vegetables it with something. and her coat was lying on the back of the empty chair.

Gudrun Ensslin asked me to look around for a second booth, where might from time to time someone else pennen it. For a possible Cash Rental should I get 2000 marks from the group. At the next meeting, inaugurated Gudrun me, I would meet a guy who “Lester is” and as the symbol of the magazine “Capital” bears.

We talked about tactics and such. But on political issues and goals of the group was never actually spoken. I wondered how Gudrun was frivolous. At least 15 minutes, until the food arrived and looked in the packed pub, the P 38 out of the pocket. It was only when I noticed it, she has the gun very gently and let cool to disappear.

That was the last real meeting with the Ensslin. A few days later she called and said I would take the “Lester”, old body, old time. The came out from behind a hedge, because he had been sitting on a bench and bearing of the situation. He was such a Lenin beard. Glasses, hair neatly, was well dressed with a tie, a type of advertising, perhaps. I got it a little later asked: “You’re the Raspe. He has answered in the affirmative, but said it is interested not. Jan-Carl Raspe was a nervous feeling, even as he smoked a knock, always on the butt, and how he constantly looked around.

We went on with my car about a kilometer. He got off, I parked in the next street, and he then gave me the car paper, a hundred or A3 sheets, wrapped in brown paper. We have talked about printing and stamping manufacturing, Raspe has durchgeblickt weird that seemed to be the technical expert. Data for motor vehicle certificates from the police radio.

BM-stamps were usually better than the mess of the office. The procurement of the data for our car bills ran itself on ne simple stitch. Those who heard somewhere in the car or ‘nerve apartment with’ NEM trimmed Radio FM, frequency below 80, from police radio, especially where checks and wrote with. if a suspect has been checked by the cops. When it came back from headquarters, the man is ok, is reported, we have taken over the detail, the same type of car stolen and then made the same in each case papers were from the ” s then just two.

Furthermore, the Alfa and BMW story was true only temporarily. Finally, other types of cars have been driven: Porsche, Opel Diplomat and Commodore. Then they were keen on the Audi, the Ro 80, Volvo, ne time you drove VW vans even, and NSU TT.

Then there’s the story with the wrong tracks. Since you asked, for example, from a car without license plates, the official things from the District offices, preferably with a trimmed on police radio radio, perhaps even ‘nen fingerprint so that the cops had to identify it as a BM-car. Or you could blow up an apartment that is no longer needed or deemed unsafe. The cops are then incredibly sharp and have become gefahndet in the whole dump. Thus, BM other cities, where what was really made cool.

That’s what I’m all in the course of time so mitgekriegt on the edge, but who what when where I’ve really never know. I then had a second meeting with Raspe in Tübingen, where he told me, that would come in the future, an aunt with the code name Gabi.

We met as usual at the bus stop. Gabi also came out to the main lecture hall, “ne” at Jasmin “under his arm and a burgundy head scarf, which was arranged, short hair, medium blond with a reddish tinge. A blue pantsuit at. The ne looked like perfectly ordinary secretary.

As I stretched, then, that this is the Irmgard Möller, we have also talked about it, because I realized how wrong that was well camouflaged. And she has just done what, what I would describe today as a typical scary for them: it has fired the “Jasmine” in a wastebasket and said, so a crappy hand. Most of the other stuff so was this Civil become flesh and blood, that which no longer could get excited about it.

“Where have brought the dynamite from the safe.”

With the burden I have taken then most of all BM-people. Perhaps half of the meetings was for business, they usually gave me new negatives and I told her the printed matters.

The other meetings were just so. It was a scary dude Dufter.

* Above: On 15 May 1972 to the chariot of the federal judge Buddenberg, bottom: at 12 May 1972 to the State Criminal Office.

probably had no desire to hang out there somewhere, constantly. We then put into a pub and chatted or rumgealbert correctly. The other would ‘not gone, but the Irmgard could be silly like a child

Such concrete matters, what makes BM, we have never really discussed. I have probably heard of quarries, where the dynamite have taken out of the box, and that fellow in Switzerland, in Zurich are flown. But if I had worked for the Bulls, then I would never say to-morrow, Munich, savings bank, robbery. I also had no interest. there to learn something, and she had no need to tell me that.

Once I asked her about the bombs. I said so, that the State Criminal Police Office (LKA), Munich and Mountain Budde ejector seat is still, but with the Yanks in Heidelberg, Springer I find great shit. Since the Irmgard is evaded: You, the need to understand you, but I know there is not much. “Every Tuesday at half past seven in the bus depot.

As a mid-May, the search for Jörg Lang was, we have moved the meetings from Tübingen to Stuttgart, and every Tuesday, either at half past seven in the bus depot at the top of Degerloch or half eight in so ‘m parking Jahn street or half past eight, half past nine on a small green area in the Gaensheidestrasse, usually there. Meetings out of the series have been agreed by telephone. Between us we have identified the code name for Gabi Sonja, because I knew in Tübingen an aunt with that name and then for my boss looked as I would with the telephone.

1 June, I had the morning at half past seven Irmgard a meeting. as we have actually only agreed that we will meet again in the evening. I should then take a charge and bring to Frankfurt in a garage. Probably were the weapons. This was the period after the roadside bombs are wrong, and because I had genuine documents, which would have gone quite well.

At noon I will catch that. that the bulls, the Baader and the others in the Frankfurt garage have coughed. I’m still in the evening to the rendezvous with the burden to Stuttgart. There was obviously depressed. We were all pretty crappy. The Irmgard added, man, have you had a pig. that you are not there went. I “asked her why are they just went to three in the garage. She said: They were not quite there much longer, perhaps they had tense that it was not so sure that she and then with three men more, if is blasted.

“I” then the bank checked, everything was fine. ”

As had been arrested then another Ensslin and Meinhof – which, if what I did not realize, never “played ne role – is the Möller not come twice to the regular meeting. She called then, however, and said that I would meet at the bus station in Tübingen-Lustnau an aunt with the code name of Elsa, who would all further talk over with me. Who is Elsa, I do not know that is is not on the wanted list, according to their language from the area so between Heidelberg and Frankfurt. Elsa gave me a map of Frankfurt-Offenbach in Offenbach showed me a meeting place, where I should get there on Sunday.

I am therefore drove to Offenbach and I have placed at the kiosk at the district hospital. The Moller came to a small park, we are gelatscht to the bus stop, and then the Jünschke Klaus came out of the park, but was first ten meters away, as if he was not one of us **.

The Jünschke I immediately recognized that had changed compared to the photo search was minimal, had his glasses on, wearing his mustache, just everything dyed blond, a stylish suit braungemusterten had to, as so ‘n higher employee. He has made me an eerie feeling shitty arrogant, authoritarian, as well as Moller has somehow shrunk “to make ne protest.

We went to a park nearby, there running around and talked shit about the situation. At the time it has not even in, say, inner circle does. Jünschke said: They are all hiding in their holes, and no one answers.

In particular, seemed to raise no more money at all to be. Jünschke told me that I “check a bench would have. We then have quite a long talk about bank robberies, as the best way to make: that the cops have to take at least two minutes, starts at the beginning of the alarm that the safety glass at the counter may be only half-height due to skip across that at least a hundred thousand levers must be within reach and that we are close to each case “ne Bude in need, where the hinkönnen with the loot.

I remembered then that is so near my place in the street Theurer Lustnauer branch of the Tubingen savings bank. Jünschke found the dufte that I should check. He also said that we can not afford, “a bench to check in a city where we are permanent. I conclude, that meant by the word” barrel “in the secret message Ensslin-Frankfurt or Offenbach.

I “then the bank checked, everything was fine, the cops would have taken four minutes. Only the way to my room was a bit inconvenient. We have discussed this at a second meeting in Offenbach, the thing should be in the weeks after 16 July walk across the stage. I should take leave and then enter full, so go into the ground.

On 7 July, on a Friday, were suddenly the cops in the print shop and arrested me. They had probably received a tip that I had left a package with a hundred counterfeit driver’s licenses and vehicle bills, negatives and printing plates from a friend. I went along without resistance, the cops showed by pushing back their jackets that they wear their guns openly. In Tübingen Police began questioning. I realized very soon that the people knew of the Soko (Special Commission) has a lot to me.

* In the secret message, the Gudrun Ensalin after arrest smuggled out of prison. Konieczny figured as a “Ga-s Small” (Gabi, shortly Ga. was the codename for Irmgard Möller)

** BM-Jünschke member is accused in the bank robbery on 22nd have participated in December 1971 in Kaiserslautern, in which a policeman was shot dead.

They took me into the evening police prison in Stuttgart. The next morning we went with a light blue Mercedes 230 to the Federal Prosecutor in Karlsruhe, where the warrant was my chair.

In a Criminal Code, which gave me to read the Stuttgart Soko-chief Textor in a hearing break, I busied myself with the section 129, paragraph 6 It says if an accused person helps to break up a criminal organization, and thus prevent further offenses, his own punishment is mitigated. I talked like that and Textor with Attorney Bruns and said: Maybe I know what, if anything is in it for me.

Bruns of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office provided me with some prospect, for he was to bring to the arrest of Baader, Meins, Raspe, Ensslin and Meinhof to the other group members into the hole. I told him that I would offer the same day in Offenbach have a meeting: at half past two, half past two and half four or half past four in the kiosk at the hospital, and that I there Klaus Jünschke and Irmgard Möller, take perhaps other would.

“They Jünschke grabbed from behind, and put away the legs.”

Still from Karlsruhe led Textor and a man named Mueller of the backup group in all the ways. We drove to police headquarters to Frankfurt, where already were the preparations for the deployment.

In Offenbach I have with Textor in a pub once durchgesprochen short, everything. Textor would miss me a bulletproof vest, but I did not because I thought it was idiotic. A guy from Stuttgart LKA was set for me and should be careful that I would not try abzuzischen. Five past two I am then strolled the 300 yards from the pub to the kiosk.

It fell on me around 30 bulls rumdrückten on park benches at a bus stop. to have a sandbox rumgealbert with children or on the kiosk with a bottle of beer drinkers just mime.

Klaus Jünschke increased after half past five with two black college folder made from a bus. He saw me immediately and came across the street. Although the bulls to my mind were very well camouflaged, Jünschke has just curious what, what’s going on here, over there sit two in the car. I was mad scared. because the cops have slept weird at the moment. I suggested: you, we traipse through time and watch us of the types.

Jünschke was incredibly suspicious and has been looking again and again. After about a minute, which seemed to me like ten minutes. are the cops suddenly running towards us from all sides. They jumped to the Jünschke. grabbed him from behind. He moved away and two legs, one hit him in his bag from his hand. Then came Textor and held a gun to his neck. I, too, had since been seized and was threatened with a gun in appearance and led away in handcuffs.

At the police station me the handcuffs were settled, and it was said. now we traipse down again. At the kiosk was repeated the same game. At half past two, no one came, not even at half-past four. Since Textor gave me a sign that I should go to the police station.

* In the Stuttgart Gaensheidestrasse Park, one of the venues, where he was met with BM-comrades.

After about ten steps when I was at the back of the stand, suddenly came to me on the Irmgard Möller. She had her looks, made as to secretary with short hair. almost changed that they could run through a whole row of cops and no one had recognized them.

She had her purse in her hand, opened it and stared around in it. I did so. as if I would not know them. When she tried to speak to me, I shook my head and said, Look, here is “s” a lot of bull. I wanted to go away then.

Since she was one, with two steps, and that was the undoing. If they had stopped or walked slowly to the stand, it would have looked as if to ask me about a piece of Mark.

Textor, of about ten paces away from us, ran off with five other cops on them. The first, grabbed her, entered her front of his knee. It was torn down and a few men are as mad at them on it. They probably came not to bring her gun from her handbag. that was the ne nine-millimeter-EN. one giant suitcase with 13 shots. It was quite a brawl. Irmgard shouting “You bastards” and bit and scratched in all directions. Two cops had me now with a pistol in his hand against the Kiosk asked.

“I must say as a second Ruhland against BM.”

Then I was brought home to Stuttgart-strain in jail – seven weeks pre-trial detention in solitary confinement 757th From Monday to Friday, I was constantly questioned, five weeks from a backup set in the ass LKA Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and then in the name of a type Knoblich.

In Stuttgart, we have about 120 persons have protocols in Karlsruhe another 40 pages. Meanwhile, raids were at my parents in my room in the Tübingen castle gates, in the print shop and in another house of mine.

In early September, when the interrogations were over obtained, prosecutor Müllenbach, as had been arranged, my release. Since then I have to keep the LKA Stuttgart available, and they always want to talk to me again “. A “friendly service”, they said I was interested in information about other left.

But I do not smell anything. I foresee that I have to say as a second Ruhland in trials of BM and am therefore in considerable conflict. Although I have betrayed Irmgard Möller and Klaus Jünschke. However, I think. that I have yet to prevent worse things.

To me it was also about to take my statements with a clear separation between the RAF, which has served only at the end of the reactionary right and the CDU, and the other left, which, despite all crap, they sometimes build to a serious political work effort.

I’m as more and more reingeraten in a shit from which I now want to somehow get out again – perhaps abroad, perhaps in a perfectly ordinary middle-class job.

On 27 September, I gave up in the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” a listing, “Young typesetter, good knowledge in the small offset printing, assembly and reproduction, is looking for new activity. Come with. Under STN L 1328 to the publisher.”